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Welcome to Jacqueline Marie Photography.  

Professional Corporate Headshot Photographer, Serving Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach area.

Attention small businesses, law/accounting/real estate/architectural firms, large corporations, medical facilities, commercial enterprises, government entities, entrepreneurs, and performers: Upgrade your company directories, public relations materials,  portfolios, websites and LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots that put you in the best light. If you're thinking that creating business headshots of your board, executives or employees is an exercise in pose and snap, you haven't worked with a professional portrait photographer: Jacqueline Marie Photography.

Why take Professional Headshots?

Everyone likes to put a face to the name. A business headshot adds a personal touch that can get you noticed and will help people remember you.

Uses of corporate and business headshots:

  • Promotional, marketing, and public relations materials: Whether hard copy or electronic, professional headshots solidify the unique personality of your company and strengthen your brand.
  • Websites, Emails and Business Cards: All Points of initial contact with potential new customers and clients, a great professional headshot can promote familiarity and trust
  • Social Networking: Such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram, to improve customer outreach.
  • Internal Communications: Including Executive Presentations, Annual Reports, Newsletters, and Investor Dossiers, to enhance the relationship among these stakeholders.
  • Company Directories and Employee Recognition: Boosting the morale of your most important resource.
  • Resumes and Career sites: Such as Career Builder or, a great headshot can help you stand out in a sea of prospects.

What makes a great business photographer?  

Artistry. Experience, and Training. A combination that puts Jacqueline Marie head and shoulders above the rest. The end result is an absolutely stunning creative headshot.

  • First-rate customer service and flexibility. 
  • The knowledge of Studio lighting and how touse it to flatter the subject. 
  • A skilled eye for composition and design which will resut. 
  • The ability to relax our subjects, and get the job done as fast as possible.
  • A professional photographer's grasp of the latest post-production techniques such as color enhancement and retouching.

Professional business headshots on location.

A creative angle that respects the “busy-ness” of your business.

Jacqueline Marie Photography understands that your focus is on productivity, and we respect that. The art of business and corporate headshot photography must include the ability to accomplish extraordinary results, for the best price, in the least amount of time. We are dedicated to getting the job done with minimal disruption to your work day. Most often this means that your business headshots are taken at your workplace, although our studio is always open and available should that be your preference.

On Location Headshots  

We will come to you without sacrificing results: 

  • Quick set-up: We'll be ready to start the shoot within 30 to 45 minutes just give us a spot that enables the photographer to be 8 to 10 feet away from the subject.
  • No travel time: Everyone keeps working until it's their turn to participate.
  • Expert lighting: We bring studio lights to your workplace, so the lighting is soft and flattering to the subject.  We customize the lighting for each person, as needed, to bring out their best features. 
  • State-of-the-art digital equipment: The best of the best is always by our side, ensuring an optimal outcome.
  • Back-up gear: No photographer should leave home without it, and we never do. So while everyone's excited and ready, there won't be any disappointments.
  • Your business environment: The character of your workplace can be incorporated in to our artistic portrait photography, reinforcing a sense of your organization identity.

Additional benefits when you hire this corporate headshot photographer:

  • Pick from multiple shots: You will have access to an online display of proofs from which you will be able to make your final choices or you can choose that day.
  • Group rates: Whether you only want a few portraits or to photograph your entire staff the price will be right.

The Process: before, during and after. It all counts.

Pre-Production. Same old, same old? Never. It's important for you to know that if there's a certain look and feel that you're going for, just tell us and we'll be ready. Clean, crisp, colorful and contemporary? No problem. Black ‘n white and retro? We're on it. Elegant and traditional? No problem. Whatever you choose, there will be a consistent, coherent look to your professional corporate headshots.  Do you need one portrait or many? Either is fine. If your philosophy is that more heads are better than one, have you considered group or company headshots? Just discuss what you want beforehand, and we'll make sure it happens. We are happy to tailor the package to your needs, producing business headshots that express the personality of the individuals involved, as well as the essence of your organization.  And, we'll talk to you about clothing and make-up tips so that your subjects are picture-perfect ready. If you want a make-up artist present, we can make those arrangements. 

During Production. Naturally, portrait photography is all about the people. Drawing out the uniqueness of the subject is important. Throughout the shoot Jackie is adept at finding a way to make her subjects feel relaxed and comfortable, a skill that greatly enriches the results. And, we aim to make the experience fun, even for the most shy among you. 

Post-Production. What happens after the shoot is just as important as the shoot itself. Jacqueline Marie Photography is expert at the latest post-production technology. All images are fully retouched as part of your package, so that we deliver a finished look that you can be proud of. The idea is to bring out the best in each individual while keeping the professional portraits looking natural. Photo enhancing can remove blemishes and stray hairs, provide whiter teeth and brighter eyes, and even a thinner face.  We like to think of it as natural re-touching.

"You Never get a Second Chance to make a First Impression"  Will Rogers

Out from behind the camera.

Jackie brings 20+ years of experience as a professional portrait photographer to your company, specializing in professional headshots. “We pride ourselves in delivering creative, quality business photography. How did it all begin? She picked up her parents 35 mm camera at the age of 13 and discovered her creative eye. “I immediately fell in love with capturing the moment, but also seeing things from a unique perspective,” she says. “I suddenly realized you can create art from everyday things, just by being aware of light and shape.  And you can tell an entire story with one image.” And so, the artist was born.

Then came honing the craft, which is just as essential. Jackie was trained in lighting and portraiture, as well as photographic editing software, and she earned a degree in Photography from the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies.

It's also worth mentioning that Jackie:

  1. Works great under pressure
  2. Has a team of Professional Videographers, would like to book a Professional Branding Video or a Video Resume or a Real Estate Video.
  3. Has a network of staff at her fingertips, depending on the size of the shoot
  4. Loves to capture the action at corporate events such as conventions, conferences, holiday parties, grand openings, and all types of professional occasions.

Customization. Flexibility. Customer Service.

We applaud your high expectations and we aim to exceed them. Jacqueline Marie Photography, specializing in business headshots, and serving the Fort Lauderdale area. Jacqueline Marie Photography is licensed and insured and maintains a membership with the Professional Photographer's Association.

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