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serving the Parkland, FL community.

If you’re thinking that creating business head shots of your board, executives or employees is an exercise in pose and snap, you haven’t worked with a professional portrait photographer:

Jacqueline Marie Photography.

Why take professional headshots?

 Everyone likes to put a face to the name. A business headshot adds a personal touch that can get you noticed and will help people remember you.

But don’t choose just any photographer. At least hire a professional who knows her way around a camera.

Wondering What Equipment Your Photographer Uses . .  and why it matters

Ask any home improvement professional and they’ll tell you, you can’t do a good job if you don’t have the right tools. In fact they’ll say, you’re only as good as the tools you use. Well, when it comes to photography the situation is different.

I’m often asked what is the best equipment for taking great portraits. Many people assume that a great camera will take great portraits. But a great photographer can take great photos using any kind of camera. And, a great camera in unskilled hands will still deliver mediocre photos. 

As the founder and owner of Jacqueline Marie Photography, it’s taken me many years to accumulate my photo gear. My gear is subjected to punishing workouts, with my average shoot consisting of approximately 2000-3000 images. I need gear that is built to last. So here’s the answer: I use Canon digital equipment.

It’s super reliable, but I bring backup equipment to every shoot because . . . well, you never know.

For portraits I use an array of different lenses, but most of them have a very open aperture so that I can obtain a soft background.

My favorite lens for outdoor portraits is my 70-200 2.8 portrait lens. I have some fixed lenses as well, but I like working with zoom lenses because they give me the ability to zoom in and out from tight headshots to mid-shots to full-length shots.  All of this can be done without moving my camera. This helps to keep the portrait shoot flowing and the person being photographed feeling more comfortable.

I also use a variety of different lighting sources. I have studio strobes that can be taken on location to offices, as well as battery-powered strobes that are very portable and can be carried anywhere quickly.

What you really need is a great photographer with the right equipment. And by “right” I mean:

  • Professional-grade equipment with the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances
  • Equipment with which your photographer is familiar and comfortable
  • Above all, equipment that will deliver the required outcome.

What You Can Do with Corporate and Business Headshots:

  • Promotional, marketing, and public relations materials: Whether hard copy or electronic, a professional headshot can solidify the unique personality of your company and strengthen your brand.
  • Websites, Emails and Business Cards: All points of initial contact with potential new clients, to promote familiarity and trust.
  • Social Networking: Such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter, professional headshots improve customer outreach.
  • Internal Communications: Executive Presentations, Annual Reports, Newsletters, and Investor Dossiers, to enhance the relationship among these stakeholders.
  • Company Directories and Employee Recognition: To boost the morale of your most important resource.
  • Resumes and Career sites: Sites such as Career Builder or, having a great headshot can help you stand out in a sea of prospects.

Let’s just say the best results come from a marriage between the right photographer and the right equipment.

Customization. Flexibility. Customer Service.

We applaud your high expectations. We aim to exceed them.

Jacqueline Marie Photography

Specializing in corporate and business headshots, and serving the Parkland, FL Community

Jacqueline Marie Photography is licensed and insured and maintains a membership 

with the Professional Photographers Association.

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