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Attention small business, law/accounting/ real estate/ architectural firms, large corporations, medical facilities, commercial enterprises, government entities, entrepreneurs, and performers:

Upgrade your company directories, public relations materials,
portfolios, websites and LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots that 

Put YOU in the best light.

Retouching the Right Way

When Retouching is Part of the Package, You’re Way Ahead

The expertise that you get with Jacqueline Marine Photography headshots does not end with the shoot itself. There is so much more.

Of course using the correct angles and lighting methods goes a long way toward keeping the need for retouching to a minimum. But every headshot needs some retouching. It could be bloodshot or red-rimmed eyes, or teeth that need whitening, or a blemish, or hairs that need to be removed, or a reflection that needs to be eliminated, or a color correction. Whatever the situation, I can make it work later. That means you haven’t wasted your time with lots of photos that can’t be used.

The Delicate Art of the Retouch

It’s important to understand that retouching is a delicate art. With the higher resolution of digital color photography every flaw shows up much more than with black and white film, but so does every retouching mistake. It’s important to remember that a little goes a long way. You have to know when to stop or you could wipe the image clean. The last thing I want to do is make your employees look unnatural – or even unreal. And that does happen. 

Close-Up and Personal

Are you thinking about hiring a separate re-toucher? This is often not the best way to go. The goal is to capture the personality and professionalism of your employees. I know what the subject looked like close up; I had the opportunity to find out what is a temporary flaw and what is permanent. 

This is why a photographer who does her own retouching and has lots of experience doing it, is always the wisest choice. 

Since retouching is normally a part of the package that Jacqueline Marie Photography offers, you will surely be ahead of the game.

We will come to you without sacrificing results.

Some more things we do to making re-touching easier:

  • The right environment: Just give us a spot that enables the photographer to be 8 to 10 feet away from the subject. We'll be ready to start the shoot within 30 to 45 minute.
  • Expert lighting: We bring studio lights to your workplace, so the lighting is soft and flattering to the subject.  We customize the lighting for each person, as needed, to bring out their best features. 
  • State-of-the-art digital equipment: The best of the best is always by our side, ensuring an optimal outcome.
  • Back-up gear: No photographer should leave home without it, and we never do. So while everyone's excited and ready, there won't be any disappointments.

Additional benefits when you hire this 

corporate headshot photographer:

  • Pick from multiple shots: You will have access to an online display of proofs from which you will be able to make your final choices, or you can choose that day. 
  • Group rates: Whether you only want a few portraits or photographs of your entire staff, the price will be right.

Customization. Flexibility. Customer Service.

We applaud your high expectations. We aim to exceed them.

Jacqueline Marie Photography

Specializing in corporate and business headshots, and serving the Miami, FL Community

Jacqueline Marie Photography is licensed and insured and maintains a membership 

with the Professional Photographers Association.

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