Professional Portrait Photograpy

serving the Hollywood, FL community.

We don’t just take pictures, we create business headshots.

What makes a great business photographer?

First-rate customer service and flexibility.
Studio lighting (even in your conference rooms) to bring out the best. 
A skilled eye for composition and design.
The ability to relax our subjects, and get the job done as fast as possible.
A grasp of the latest post-production techniques.

The Art of Directing a Subject

Most likely your employees will have to take some direction from me. So, the first thing I always do is establish rapport. Photographer and subject – we’re in this together. And it’s going to be both fun and productive. It’s just another thing that Jacqueline Marie Photography knows how to do.

Smiling directing into the camera is not usually an option. So, here’s what is involved.

Relaxed expressions: Very often the most relaxed reactions occur once a subject is comfortable in front of the camera. I want to make the photographs look natural rather than stiff, so I try to catch an expression by having the subject talk about a memorable situation at work, or what they most like about their work.

Posture: We must always be aware of posture in a headshot. I usually direct the person to sit with their back straight and to lean ever so slightly toward the lens.  This creates a much more flattering look for most people. 

Emphasizing the best features: I also ask the subject to turn a little to the left or the right, rather than looking straight at the camera. But the main strategy here is to emphasize the subject’s best feature. These may include prominent cheekbones, white teeth, full lips, dimples, or a cleft chin. Whatever the outstanding characteristic, my years of observing subjects lets me size up the situation quickly, and suggest a pose that will position that facial feature in such a way to catch the light as well as the viewer’s eye. 

Play down the least attractive features: As a seasoned professional photographer, I will also size up the least flattering details, especially details the subject may be self-conscious about. Pushing the head forward and tilting slightly down accentuates the jawline and hides a double chin. Lowering the chin or shooting from a slightly higher angle minimizes reflections from eyeglasses. Together we will play around with angles to find the one that makes the ears look smaller.

Expressive eyes: The strongest and most striking feature in any portrait is usually the subject’s eyes. They’re said to be the “windows to the soul,” and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to close-up portraits. I always keep the camera’s focus on the eyes as we chat about their work. 

Use the hands: Even in a headshot it helps to include hands. A subject might lightly place a hand on one side of their face. A chin on top of the fingers portrays a sense of earnestness.

The two-third turn: It often appears to be a more relaxed and comfortable pose if the subject turns his or her upper body two-thirds away from the camera. Even though we are focused on close-ups, this method helps the subject to relax – and gives them a slightly slimmer look.

Variety: Since we want your professional headshots to be interesting as a whole, I will strive to vary the poses. Subjects can lean on a wall, cross their arms, or sit – all in slightly different environments.

Professional Business Headshots on Location?

A creative angle that respects the “busy-ness” of your business.

Jacqueline Marie Photography understands that your focus is on productivity, and we respect that. The art and of business and corporate headshot photography must include the ability to accomplish extraordinary results, for the best price, in the least amount of time.    

We are dedicated to getting the job done with minimal disruption to your work day. Most often this means that your business headshots are taken at your workplace – especially if you want those great environment headshots – although our studio is always open and available should that be your preference.

Style. Passion. Training.

We applaud your high expectations. We aim to exceed them.

Jacqueline Marie Photography

Specializing in corporate and business headshots, and serving the Hollywood, FL Community

Jacqueline Marie Photography is licensed and insured and maintains a membership 

with the Professional Photographers Association.

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