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Creating Environmental Headshots

Say Something about Who You and Your Employees Really Are?

Very simply, an environmental portrait is taken in the subject's daily environment, such as their home or workplace.  A work location illuminates the subjects' typical work surroundings, their work-style and their personality in relation to the job being done.

Environmental Portraits typically reside somewhere between the posed shots taken in a studio, and completely candid shots that capture moments by chance.

Spectacular Benefits

Environmental Portraits offer several advantages:

  • They provide context for the subject being photographed: Viewers will subtly associate the subject with a particular environment or style. Is your office traditional and solid? Is it warm and cozy? Is it crisp and no-nonsense? Is it cutting edge and hip? Each provides a different atmosphere which undoubtedly reflects important choices you have already made and which reveal the qualities you wish to project.
  • They provide points of interest for the photograph: Having said this, I always take care not to upstage the subject. We don’t want to distract the viewer from the main focus – your employee. So we try to avoid overly cluttered backgrounds and foregrounds, and overly bright colors. Of course, these can be decreased later with clever cropping, depth of field, and the correct subject placement. 
  • They help subjects to relax – after all this is what they do every day. That is why this type of photography suggests “action” rather than passivity. And don’t these subjects look so comfortable helping their customers? Don’t they look nicely concerned while dealing with an issue? Don’t they look knowledgeable about the subject at hand? Why not project capability and expertise? These people are clearly good at what they do. 
  • They give the viewer insight into the personality of the individual subject, with whom they will hopefully soon be doing business. 
  • Drama and style: Environmental portraits often project a sense of drama, style and purposefulness and are more likely to attract the attention of viewers. Rest assured, I will always match the pose and the facial expression to the overall look and feel of the work setting.

Clearly, environmental portraits can be warmer and friendlier than standard studio headshots, and if done right, they allow the viewer to project themselves into the setting before them. 

Click here to see more environmental photographs, studio, and personal branding examples.

The Process:  Before, during and after. It all counts.

  • Pre-Production. Same old, same old? Never. It's important for you to know that if there's a certain look and feel that you're going for, just tell us and we'll be ready. Clean, crisp, colorful and contemporary? No problem. Black ‘n white and retro? We're on it. Elegant and traditional? No problem. Whatever you choose, there will be a consistent, coherent look to your professional corporate headshots.  Do you need one portrait or many? Either is fine.  If your philosophy is that more heads are better than one, have you considered group photographs? Just discuss what you want before hand,and we'll make sure it happens. ?We are happy to tailor the package to your needs, producing business headshots that express the personality of the individuals involved, as well as the essence of your organization.  And, we'll talk to you about clothing and make-up tips so that your subjects are picture-perfect ready. If you want a make-up artist present, we can make those arrangements. 
  • During Production. Naturally, portrait photography is all about the people. Drawing out the uniqueness of the subject is important. Throughout the shoot Jackie is adept at finding a way to make her subjects feel relaxed and comfortable, a skill that greatly enriches the results. And, we aim to make the experience fun, even for the most shy among you. 
  • Post-Production. What happens after the shoot is just as important as the shoot itself. Jacqueline Marie Photography is expert at the latest post-production technology. All images are fully retouched as part of your package, so that we deliver a finished look that you can be proud of. The idea is to bring out the best in each individual while keeping the professional portraits looking natural. Photo enhancing can remove blemishes and stray hairs, provide whiter teeth and brighter eyes, and even a thinner face.  We like to think of it as natural re-touching.

We applaud your high expectations. We aim to exceed them.

Jacqueline Marie Photography

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